Responsible Aquaculture Foundation

Food Safety in Aquaculture Training

Front-FoodSafety2Helping hatcheries, producers and processors better understand the best practices and key processes addressed in certification standards is essential to sustainable aquaculture development. The Responsible Aquaculture Foundation has therefore partnered with the Global Food Safety Partnership to develop an open online platform to transfer knowledge and training on responsible aquaculture.

RAF’s initial effort will focus on training in food safety, an essential element of aquaculture development, in Malaysia. In cooperation with the Department of Fisheries, the project will expand on existing materials on food handling as the country strives to greatly boost its aquaculture output to raise farmers’ incomes and standards of living.

The online materials will be built around topic-based modules using a story line format with region-specific images and text on a variety of culture species. They will include interactive self-check lists as well as links to related resources. The objective will be to equip trainers and participants to identify issues and risks in their systems, measure existing practices and understand what changes should be made to achieve best practice procedures.

Training sections will address HACCP theory, problems related to potential biological, environmental and chemical contamination, effects of storage and temperature conditions, and other topics.

With standardized formats suitable for delivery via webinars or online courses, and in classroom settings and/or manuals, the materials will effectively provide on-the-job training program suitable for regulatory authorities, farmers and processors. It is flexible for international application and can remain current through progressive updates and translations.